Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another day of recortd HIGH tempertures for my country

The news web sites are filled with news about record low temperatures ll over the world including UK, all over USA, China and so on. But where I live we just had yet another day where our temperatures hit a record of the opposite kind; high temperatures as high as +15 in some places! And that's in early January when we are supposed to be covered in deep snow with temperatures well bellow freezing.
Yeah, I know Al Gore is a liar and Global Warming is a total scam and it only exists
in the minds of Al Gore and his partners who are salivating in the prospact of selling Carbon Credits to companies and making themselves filthy rich in the process.
Do how can the continuing record high temperatures in my country be explain then?
I have been talking about them for several months now. Gee, do I live in some parallel universe or something?

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