Monday, January 18, 2010

End of the World as we know it(and it's a good thing)

The majoroty of sheeple around the wold have no clue the whole so called human civilisation is based on oil and runs on cheap oil. The ones who know are handful of people on top and a few farmers who will tell you a lot of eye opening stuff if you ever talk to them. It's no coincidence all the "wars" USA and Western powers are waging around the world happen to be centered around places that always got a lot of the blakc gold. One word is enough to give a major clue to all the mindless sheeple who still believe Muslim terrorist are out to "get" 'em. And that word is fertilizer. Yeah, guess what, fertilizers are made from oil. No fertilizers equals no crops. No crops equals nothing to feed animals with. ut it's MUCH much worse than that. All the morons need to do lift their eyes and take a quick look around their rooms and note down how much of all that stuff is plastics. Surprise surprise, plastics come from oil! No wonder USA got such a hard on for Iran and they want to fuck with it ANY way theyc an; Iran is the last country in the middle east not durectly under USA/Western power control!
Oh sure, a lot of the sheeple will start jumping up and down claiming new oil fielda re beign discovered all the time and the oil peak is just another media lie and so on. As a matter of fact, yes there is oil fields all over the place but the ear of the cheap oil is rapidly approaching or already over. Yes there is petny of oil reminign for to last us 200 years or more, but the problem is that oil is deeper and will cost mroe to suck out; not cost effective, dig?
Once the ear of cheap oil is over the ear of abundance of food and abundance of cheap plastic junk will be over too. And thats a good thing. We have been polluting the Earth long enough; she will be happy we won't be able to do it much longer. And that is inded a good thing.

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