Thursday, July 2, 2009

Global cooling?

I dunno where people like Rivero from is getting the news that for the last 11 years we have been having "global cooling" instead of global warming.
I can personally report that Bulgaria, the place where I been living in the last 5 years is way way hotter than what I left it 22 years ago. The temperatures go up to 35 and beyond in the shade in the summers here; several times they have gone as high as low 40s. Those are NOT normal temperatures and certainly NOT cooler, but much much warmer.
But what the global warming deniers fail to admit is that ANY small change WILL severely impact humanity's ability to grow crops to feed itself and the livestock it depends on. Cooling in fact will be much worse than warming; cooler temperatures will wreck havoc across the world. But NO, the neisaying of course will NOT mention that fact; they just want to somehow anyway they can disprove global weather change so now they have changed their tune and claim there is global cooling that I am NOT experiencing at all.

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