Monday, July 20, 2009

It IS official, Americans ARE total morons

According to a poll on Rasmussen site if elections were held today, Obama would get 48%of the vote and Palin would get42%.

I really would LOVE to see an total idiot such as Palin gets elected. This will REALLY put the final nail into the USA coffin. On the other hand maybe I really DO NOT want to see a "Christian" like her having access codes to the nukes cuz I bet she is such an a "believer" she will star WWIII just so she will speed up the beginning of Rupture and second coming of Jesus.

And in the second news item of the day, ABC is reporting that the bailout to save the financial system could Top $23 TRILLION. This is what Neil Barofsky(a nice Jewish name eh?) says and he should know, cuz he is the special inspector general for the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Nice. This is what "representative democracy" gets you, American sheeple.

FYI, the bailout was about 14 trillion last time I checked. And they call USA a capitalism system.

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