Thursday, July 9, 2009

and the lies againts North Korea continue

Now cyber attacks directed against USA and South Korea are blamed on North Korea. Is there ANy proof given that North Korea is responsible? As usual, the answer is "No." Just because it's South Korea and USA it is immediately assumed AND spread ALL over the corporate owned news the culprit is North Korea.

In fact, if one can think for a moment(but who can do THAT complicated and tiresome activity in the modern world, where the news of Michael Jackson deliberately(possibly) overdoing on Demerol has been the headlines for more than a week now?), spotting North Korean hackers will be incredibly easy. Since (as I have said before) North Korea is tied in an iron ring of isolation they probably have very very few entrance and Internet exit points. If USA government wanted to find out, they could easy watch the traffic coming from these exit points and know pretty soon if NK is indeed responsible for the cyber attacks. But are they doing that, or do they just prefer instead to spread innuendo, propaganda and lies?
Since we are on the subject of NKorea anyway, I want to talk about why the leader of the country is talk about as a "nutcase" crazy loon" even by bloogers, who I generally find more knowledgeable than the silly corporate owned news.

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