Monday, July 6, 2009

Iran's famous "nuclear bomb"

So the new incoming International Atomic Energy Agency[IAEA] chief Yukiya Amano said Friday there is NO concrete evidence that Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons. This is in an Israeli newspaper, BTW, FYI.

His exact words were: "I don't see any evidence in IAEA official documents about this,"

Well, if the chief of IAEA doesn't see ANY evidence that's good enough for me. But in ALL fairness, I have yet to see ANY evidence at all, presented by ANYONE: Israel, Mr Change. the Pentagon or ANYONE at all. If the evidence is there, why not show it.? Unless of course there IS NO evidence and it's all just ...bullshit.

Just a heads up.

Butr at the same time, mr Change is giving the green light to Israel to bomb Iran over that same "nuclear bombs that the chief of IAEA doesn't see any evidence of.
So who is the liar and aggressor here?

Gorsh, sure looks like somebody is desperately, in anyway possible trying to start up WWIII so they can maybe fix their failing economy.

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