Monday, July 6, 2009

Theather of the Absurd Part II

So Biden says they misread the economy. Wow. I ain't no Harvard educated boy but it was obvious even to ME their so called "economy" is dying and no 14+ trillion dollars "stimulus" will fix it and jump start it because after all the very fundamentals their economy is based on are seriously in need of repair. But that's largely irrelevant really. What is truly amazing Biden would say something with straight face.

I been noticing a very disturbing trend for a while now. They would tell you any type of absurd bullshit that's eye pocking obvious lie. They don't even care to make it soud plausible; they just say it and it would appear

1. they don't care if we believe it or not
2. they don't care because they never get called out on it

It's positively scary if you ask me. Yes they own the media and they use it as they see fit, that's a given. But it seems their arrogance has gone beyond reproach becuae they know it doesn't really matter what they say, the sheeple have absolutely zero choice
1 to do anything about it
2. but to accept it
Like me for example; even if I KNOW it's total bullshit, and I write about it and tell others, so what?! Would that change anything? NO, cuz I got zero power. So that's the point we have gone to today in our modern world; they are lying to us, they KNOW we know the are lying and that we don't believe them but they don't care cuz they figure things will just keep on going on exactly as they have been going on. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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