Monday, July 6, 2009

The new "caps and trade" bill is the best scam ever!

All the bloggers and leftish types all over the net are bitching abut the caps and trade bill. As usual, they are totally clueless and missing the whole point of the bill. The bill is pure stroke of genius, whoever thought of it and wrote it up should be given a Nobel praise. With it, USA kills NOT one, NOT two but a half a dozen birds with a single stone. Let us count the ways:
1 First of it, it creates money out of nothing. Carbon Credits do not exist in the real world; they are totally fictitious entities. but they are designed to be traded and make profit.
2. Companies can trade them the same way, and start to make so much money it wont even be finny. Caps and trade will be the next bubble. Caps and trade was signed because the smart assholes in Congress are hoping they can use it to pull USA companies out of recession mode and start to make money using it.
3. Caps and trade will levi even MORE taxes on the sheeple and the government will get even richer.
4. Caps and trade will be the beginning groundwork of world government where the lives of ordinary sheeple will be controlled. Wanna take a plane? Buy this many points. Wanna use this much electricity? Buy this many points and so on. Pure profit.
None of that pseky type of capitalism where you have to actually produce something a tangle product that has to be produced then distributed and sold.

Sure, I raved against it but I would like to get in on it; as I said it is the greatest scam ever and I want to know how I can benefit from it if i can. All the stupid bloggers better wise up and get on with the program or they will miss the boat yet again.

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