Sunday, July 12, 2009

The "democracy" fiction

Frankly, I got Pavlovian reactions associated with that word. Just hearing it used so many times a day has render it totally meaningless. The more they use it trying to convince me we live in a "democracy" the more empty and devout of NY meaning the word begins to sound. This is what happens whenever a word is used too often; it loses its semantic meaning and becomes a sequence of sounds. I suspect it it the same with the faceless sheeple, but since we rarely if werv see real people giving their honest view o the media I am left guessing.

The corporate owned media around the world daily sings the praises of "democracy". What is "democracy" in pure semantic terms? It means the government and will of the people. It came from Greece were supposedly the Greek invented it. Right. Ancient Greece was hardly what one would call a real democratic society; they had slavery and the slaves had zero rights. What's much worse, the women in ancient Greece weere NOT allowed to vote; this the L people left to vote were the men. That is the real truth: slavery and only the men voting yet they keep on telling us it was a "democracy" So much fore ancient Greece.


Gregor said...

Ancient Athens was very advanced FOR ITS TIME. However, the Americans two millenia later used the example of Ancient Greece to keep slaves.

petkov said...

Advanced compared to what? The rest of the world? China? India?
Oh I agree, having slaves do the heavy lifting will give you plenty of free time to sit around and invent theories.
Also don't forget, UK itself kept India as a slave state up untill what was int 1940s? How LESS rich would UK would ave been without India, eh? There was a report somewhere i read recently that during some uprising in India in 1860s UK solders slaughtered close to 10 million Hundus, and that's MORE than the jews that supposedly died durring WWII. Don't got the link tho, sorry.