Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogs I read for the LULZ

Just as with web sites, there is some totally useless blogs I read strictly for the LULZ. One such blog is http://smokingmirrors.blogspot.com. The guy has one article he keeps on writing over and over and OVER: how evil the current and past USA leaders are and that's it!

TO begin with, he doesn't even lives in USA! He is an expat living somewhere in Spain i'd guess. He's been out of USA for years, yet that's ALL he keeps on writing about. Why is he SO fixated on USA still, I dunno.
Second, the things he writes about: yeah we KNOW Shrub Jr and Cheney and Mr Change are evil men, and that's news? USA has been run by evil assholes for decades, centuries in fact. Lincoln was an asshole if one looks what what he said and what he did. USA has ALWAYS been ran by evil assholes. Yet he is presenting his arguments like this shit just started going on. Anyone who is in government is an evil asshole, period. To want to be in government is proof itself you gotto be an evil asshole. He got one track song and it's boring as hell. Buy a clue: Alexander the Great was an ego-maniacal asshole.
Third, he doesn't present or offer ANY solutions. None whatsoever. All he talks about is how evil Shrub jr and Cheney were and how Mc CHnage is no better. Big news, indeed.

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