Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looks like the "global cooling" has been put on hold.

I been reading all summer long how this has been the coolest summer on record in USA. Imagine my surprise when the main denier of global warming and all around asshole Drudge had a link pointing how Seattle is experiencing record hot temperatures just the other day. Here is the article and it's right on
So which is it? the coolest summer on record or the hottest in some places? Can't be BOTH at the same time, surely.
I can tell from personal experience, I am experiencing one hell of a super HAWT summer here in Bulgaria in southern Europe.e The other day temperatures were 41. 7 ; those are definitely way above ANY sort of normal summer temperateness for where I am. It's now 34 today but it will be 37 by Saturday. I been observing the temperatures in several European countries since the early 2000s and I notice how every day summer they are reaching record highs. So NO, I don't see that global cooling people such as Rivero from is constantly trying to prove is happening. In fact i see JUST the opposite. Personally, i don't care though. I got no kids and by the time the fan hits the shit I shall be so old I won't give a damn. Let the 20 something worry about the world they will be forced to live in. Who cares.

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