Saturday, July 4, 2009

North Korea stirring troubles again while USA is Oh so innocent and just wants to defend itself

The Western corporate owned media that is part of the military-industrial-entertainment complex is good at presenting the "who" and the "when" of news(ONLY when it suits them of course) but very weak at to "what" of the news and they never bother with the "why".

a little note: I always put "corporate owned" in front of Western news media because CNN and other "news sites" NEVER fail to note for example that Iranian and China news sites are government owned. I think it's only fair to note who owns Western news media.

Thus they will report North Korea just launched a few new missiles taking care of the who and when part but they won't explain as to what is really going on to force North Korea to act the way it is acting and as I said they never bother with the "why" except to present the leader of North Korea as some kind of dangerous unstable nut case.
Of course the obvious fact they do the missiles test on exactly 4th of July which just happens to be USA biggest holiday is not mentioned anywhere.

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