Monday, August 10, 2009

Using the word "fuck" shows she is really, I mean really pissed! And awesome!

I just found Layla Anwar's blog via (Urkenet) who is supposedly OH-So-alternative than alternatives. Yes I admit it, she DOES have flair for writing and she yes can construct beautiful sentences. But that's not nearly enough in today's age. Either you speak the truth the WHOLE truth WITHOUT ANY censoring of ANY kind or you are nothing than
1.a troll,
2. a shill for some government
3. or you are just giving your opinionS about something and skewing the facts so they suits you and your garbage.

She thinks cursing and using words such as "fuck" and profanities a good articles make. But her facts are mostly lies or not the truth. For one thing, she is blaming the Iranians for helping the US forces in Iraq and she is cursing the whole world and everyone under the Sun. Honey bunch, Iran didn't attack Iraq 30 years ago. Iraq attacked Iran and Iran has the right to defend itself. Second, Saddam wasn't innocent soul; he killed everyone who dared oppose him (same as Stalin) to stay in power; but his main problem is that he was dumb enough to believe the Americans in anything they told him. So what if Iran's Shias are helping in Iraq? Tough shit. Even if Shia and Sunni killing each other has to do with Americans well if you Arabs are dumb enough to do it and not unite against a common enemy, shows how dumb you are. Of coruse the Americans will use
that; they use whatever means they can.
Second, her perfect English is suspicious; doesnt speak it as a foreigner. Where did she really grew up and studied? Was it Iraq? Doubtful, with such good English. Is she really an Iraqi, born and raised there? Or maybe she was one of the rich ones?
Third, her choice of words. All she dos and bitch and talks about how great Iraq was and how many Iraqis died under the Americana occupation. Were these Iraqis killed by the Americans themselves or by the Sunni vs Shia religious wars? Ever heard of "divide and rule" concept invented by the Romans over 2 thousand years ago? Sure 1 million dead is horrible but who is REALLY responsible for them? The real facts speak against you, honey bunny.
Forth, why doesn't her blog has a comment section? Is she SO scared of anybody commenting or she cannot handle comments that are against her point of view? Then why write a blog in the first place?

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