Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why are the left fringe refusing to accept scientists data?

I been reading ALL summer how long this has been the coolest summer in USA and how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years.
Oh really? Well, where i live in southern Europe this has been the hottest summer I have ever experienced here with temperatures often over 35 and sometimes reaching upper 30s and low 40s. These are measurements "in the shade" of course. These are desert temperatures NEVER before seen here. Our watermelons, pumpkins, melons and so on never developed and the tomato plants are already beginning to die early death.
USA is NOT the whole world. Just because USA is having a cool summer doesn't mean the rest of the world is too. Plus I posted a link previously about Seattle having record high temperatures this summer. So which is: coolest summer or somewhat coolest summer in some places and high tem in another?

Now those deniers beginning to talk about how this has been the quietest hurricane season in years. get a free clue: the hurricane season has JUST started. And of course, the serious scientists, the people who actually KNOW about this stuff just had a hfo n article on BBC saying exactly the opposite:

Many hurricanes' in modern times

Hurricanes in the Atlantic are more frequent than at any time in the last 1,000 years, according to research just published in the journal Nature.
So is nature magazine full if shit and part of the world wide conspiracy to lie to people? Those left fringe nuts would certainly say so.
Well, the ONLY thing I will say is this: I cannot wait when a few more years down the road the global warming will really hit us and the evidence will begin hitting us in the face. I JUST wonder what those idiots will say then. Personally, i cannot wait.

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