Friday, August 7, 2009

Most leftish bloggers are hypocrates

The goofballs at, Alex Jones, and so on are always talking against the wars of aggression USA is currently waging. They keep on calling these wars with all sorts of adjectives such as senseless, meaningless, useless and so on.

Well of course these wars do have a rather very important function. Thye
1. serve to prop up business for the military industrial complex,
2. wrestle control of the local population
3. cause chaos in the world
4. control the world's most important natural resource: oil.

To say the wars are senseless and meaningless these left wing bloggers much either be dumb or liars of shills for gov. Or ALL at the same time. I mean come on! It's NOT like USA JUST started doing these wars yesterday on Shurb Jr's watch. USA has been waging wars of conquest and /or control ever since it was created back in 1776. Need these so called brainiaks be reminded of simple things such as these? USA has always been an empire and as an empire it needs land and resources. It usually took them by force such as what it did in the Philippines long ago. The very sweet 1st world lifestyle those hypocrites such as Justin Raimondo from and Michel Rivero from is directly tied up to those same wars of conquest USA has been waging all over the globe for hundreds of years now. DO they not realize that little fact or are they just hypocrites who claim ignorance? While growing up I had to suffer under harsh economic conditions because of economic sanctions placed on my country by the western countries and USA they enjoyed a nice lavish lifestyle of high protein diet, cheap fuel, and so on. The ONLY way i'd take them seriously is for them to stand up and renounce the the lifestyle they have had due to the very same things USA has always been doing and refuse to continue living that nice style and move out of USA, THEN and ONLY then I'd take them seriously. I have issued them challenges to do so, but NONE have replied so far. Of course I dont expect them to. They are just phony hypocrites in my book.

Since it is the anniversary of the Russian/Georgian war, I wasn't surprised at all when I just read a tirade against Russia on /. by a guy calling Russia all sorts of ridiculous accusations: she is neoimperealistic and so on. Wow, that guy has some nerve! I dunno if is he US citizen but most likely he is, ONLY they can be THAT insolent and say such ridiculous garbage not based on anything factual. I did leave a message asking him to count how many wars of aggression USA has started just in the 20 century versus counting how many wars of aggression Russia started in the 20 century.
But that's part of USA behavior. every anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings I have to read on 4chan shills SILL coming up with the same "justifications" for doing such heinous acts. All part of being an average American insolent asshole. They cannot help themselves, that is how they are raised.

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