Wednesday, August 5, 2009

For a "nutcase", the North Korea's leader is behaving quite rationally.

Let's list his wins:

1.He made the "journalists" admit they were illegally trespassing into North Korean territory,
2.he got an apology from them
3.scoring this wins and having no more need for them, he let them go humiliated

Gee, for a "nutcase", "dangerous maniac" and all the other silly name calling I have herd he seems to be winning (yet again) the latest game of poker I'd say. Hardly the behavior of a sociopath lunatic.


Visible said...

Man... I am amazed at the traffic you receive. People are really reading you. I'm thinking it is because you like to go to popular websites (this isn't one of them) and harangue the people there for shortcomings which you possess in spades. If you ever actually looked at what you said to other people you would see that the person you are angry with is yourself.

It's no big deal to me to encounter your bilious curmudgeondry as you lash out at those receiving the attention you feel you deserve.

You're aging and you're bitter and no one pays any attention to you (for good reason). No one is going to either. You should learn from and emulate those you envy so that you can improve what you aren't very good at right now. Attacking others does not elevate you. Keep it in mind because your road of the moment is going 'down'

petkov said...

Actually people are reading me because I tell the truth, the whole truth without ANY bullshit.
It is YOU who is repetitious and saying the exact same thing over and over and over, ohhh Mr Change and Shrub Jr and Cheney are evil! Oooh what a revelation! Reagan Nixon, Kgingis Kgan, Stalin, everyone down the line to and Alexander the Great were ALL evil men. It didnt start with Shrub jr and Mr Change.