Sunday, August 2, 2009

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I haven't been writing much because frankly, I am bored with the whole human "society". Everything is freaking easy and painfully obvious to figure out:

1. Empires get rich because they pillage and rob weaker countries and places, NOT because they are somehow "superior" and more "developed" than 3rd world countries

2. modern capitalism is a total con game rigged from the start, modern USA has nothing to do with capitalism where you produce aa product and make profit by selling it;
3. all the wars are about the conquest of lands rich in natural resources and never have to do with fighting evil imaginary cartoon deamons such as Hitler;
4. most history as we know it is almost a total fabrication
5. schools ae designed and run to dumb down kids, NOT to teach them anything useful
6. there is NOTHING worth watching on TV or listening on the radio because ALL big media is owned and ran by a few corporations who decided to give a specific script
7. there is NO such thing as Ali Queada
8. China WILL be the next superpower because the nexus of power is always moving west; it was in Japan and now has jumped into china
9. All modern fiat money are no worthless; they carry no real" value, except to act as credit and make profit to the bankers who issue them
10. taxes are the name of the game. Everything is taxed 3 times: once when it gets crated and sold to the middle man, second time when it is sold to the store and 4rd when it is sold to YOU.Happy consuming, piggies!
11. people really ARE dumb and worse, getting dumber by the minute
and so on...

I am left looking at all this and wondering at the audacity of them; but after thinking over it a bit more; I can see their point of view; if the poor and schmucks are dumb WHY NOT see them and squeeze them dry? They deserve it after all
So after looking over, one is left with not too many choices:
1. join the wining team if you can and become their bitch hoping one day they will let you play with the big boys
2. realist there is nothing you can do personally and to become a dutiful tax paying sheeple consumer
3. go completely insane
4. say fuck it all and go live in a monastery renouncing the material world

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