Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Great and useful news web sites

There are several web sites that I check eithwer daily or every few days that carry news and analysts the honest way that is never reached on CNN or FAUX news or Drudge. Sure I look at CNN and Drudge daily but I do nOT expect ro see any meaningful or real news there; I know they are good to tell me about a taiphun or an earthquake but that's all.

Anyway, here is a list of the good web sites in order of usefulness:

english.pravda.ru believe it or NOT but Pravda the old communist news paper is now more honest and trustful than the Western corporate owned media. The stale now joke In Soviet Russa...holds pretty well. Pravda doesn't carry news per se, but their analysis of the current evens are right on the money, even if they DO have a distinct anti western/anti USA slang. But so what? I will accept truth in any form.

informationclearinghouse.info is another great site that doesn't carry news but it does run great analytical articles on Mr Change, USA thew military industrial complex, fiat money and other important subjects.

atimes.com is an online newspaper focusing on Central and Middle Asia and the important events happening in that MOST important area of the world.

exiledonline.com is run by Russian-American expats. The majority of their articles fall into sophomoric category where the writers appear to be aspiring writers trying to show off how clever they are but War nerds articles on arm conflicts around the world are always informative and great to read.

antiwar.com is pretty good when they post numerous links to articles that do nto appear in corporate owned media. Very informative altho it does get a bit repetitious after a while.

I tend to stay away from prisonplanet.com, dailykos.com, rense.com and other fringe web sites because after you have read 100 times that the Illuminati and/or Zionist are controlling the world and bend on world domination(havent they conquered to world already????) there is nothing new to learn there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, those are great websites, I find myself visiting them often, In addition to some others I'd like to show you.



you might like those.

petkov said...

I know mat rodina. means "my country" in Russian. The problem is the guy is a "libertarian" liar who is obvious a Jew and one time he started spewing ALL sorts of evil names calling Palestinians all sorts of names. That was that for me. I left and never went back. To harass the pelestinians without laying ANy blame on Israelis shows what side he is on.