Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big lies, small lies

USA is pretty busy these days.

1. Creating and arming terrorists
2. fighting non existent Al Queda
3. demonizing and antagonizing Chavez and Putin
and whoever else they feel is threat to them,
4. meddling in Pakistan and yet giving them millions in aid
5. supprting Georgian and so on
6. all the other spying shit

But among ALL the big lies the USA is spreading about Iran/North Korea, Russia, etc etc they still have the time to invent small fake daily news items that never go anywhere. Remember for example that supposedly oh so dangerous North Korean ship that the USA military started following convinced they were carrying nuclear weapons?

NOTE: in today's Orwellian double speak world all they need is to use words like "nuclear" to get indicate some imaginary danger.

Of course NO evidence whatsoever was presented the
ship did carry anything "illegal" or dangerous". But evidence IS NOT needed in today's world. Innuendo is sufficient, after all these are NOT real news, they are daily news bites that are designed to scare the sheeple into submition and nothing else.
So anyway, if that ship was really carrying ANY type of dangerous cargo, wouldn't the world governments demand some ANY kinda action and stop it? But NO, no other couytry said anything, the ONLY country making noise was USA.

These one-day fake news items are as easy to spot as flies. Their are as follows:
1. They appear out of nowhere
2. they are ALWAYS connected to one of the countries USA has a problem with: Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Venezuela, Russia or whoever they are after.
3. there is NEVER any follow up on them, the "stories" simply disappear the next day, NEVER to be discussed again.

Another recent fake news item was the supposed connection between Myanmar(Big butch called them by their old name Burma; shows how much in the know she really is) and North Korea. Supposedly they were exchanging "nuclear technology" or nuclear knowledge". Big butch said it, then we never heard about it again. Amazing, simply amazing.

I LOVE noticing and noting these little one day fake news items; they are fun to watch and show once again what a fake liar trouble seeking country USA is and how dangerous it is to the world.

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