Friday, August 21, 2009

and the bullshit continues and continues and continues

It's extremely interesting how we JUST hear about the new elections in Afghanistan right on the eve of the elections and NOT lets say a week before..

Of course the whole ting is a pure circus from beginning to end, designed for mass consumption on an international level and yet another faked news story. Nobody in their right mind would believe any of it; even the other presidential candidates si said so themselves. I'd be shocked if Karzai doesnt win. There is already spin on yahoo claiming the voter turnout is low "because of threats by the ever present boogie man the Talibanies who are some how ALWAYS associated with the phantom Ali Queada

But the other way MORE important news that no corporate news site is for some mysterious reason willing to publish as if it doesn't exist or is NOT important: Iraqies WILL hold a referendum in early JN 2009 if they would te USA to stay in Iraq. By some amazing coincidence, a
4 bombs explode all over Iraq and the victims are 96 at lead and 599+ wounded. Yeah.

Way back in 2003-2004 when the absurd terror levels were implemented and the levels were raised every few days, I was pretty sure it was ALL for show and designed to scare the easily scared Americans into seeing Muslim terrorists everywhere, pretty much exactly the same way the government used to scare them during the 1950-70 Cold War era. I didn't have any evidence to back my claims however but yet AGAIN I have been proven right.

Ridge says Bush officials sought to raise terror alert before '04 election
is splashed right across CNN, Yahoo and the other web sites. Of course the idiots will quickly point out that CNN is part of the ever present "liberal media" that you see controls everything.

As yet another anniversary of 9-11 approaches, I can yet glaot that yes I was right yet again: neither Osama Bin Alladin was ever caught and of course by now we know the fabled Iraqies "weapons of mass distractions" never existed.
Back in 2003 right before the invasion of Iraq I would say to people that I was willing to make a million dollars bet that:
1. Bin Alladin will NEVER be found and
2 no weapons of mass distraction will ever be found either.
People would laugh at me and point out that I didn't have a million dollars and I would rely

that I was SO sure I would be right I didn't need them.
Well am STILL right. Nobody was willing tot ake mty bets though. Oh well...

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