Thursday, August 27, 2009

Off the top of my head

I been thinking lately(which is a rather dangerous activity in itself, don't do it if you haven't been accustomed to it kids!) about all sorts of things. For example, why are cigarettes STILL allowed and legal after ALL the studies clearly proving they are dangerous to human health? and today as by order comes a report that smokers on average live 15 years shorter lives than non smokers. There is MY answer, staring me right in the face! Let's count the benefits of cigarettes:

1.People die faster with tobacco's help. Helpful to governments because they will pay less in social security payments
2. cigarettes are heavily taxed; about 60% of the actual price is tax that goes directly into government's coffins never to be seen again.
3. Cigarettes cause all sorts of illnesses and this cr4eates a lot of work for doctors and profits for hospitals, medicine manufactures and so on down the line.
4. Usually lower poor class of people smoke and the government doesn't want them; they rarely if ever pay taxes and don't consume much.

There is very nice 4 reasons I can think of that show how beneficial cigarettes are to the government of ANY country. Therefore, why would they even stop them? All they ever do is pay some lip service to the 'cause" passing silly laws that supposetly make less people smoke but accomplish NOTHING of the sort.
The same exact reasoning appliers to another drug that's also legal and also deadly: alcohol. the deaths and injures it causes, who cares as long as the government gets their taxes out if it.

makes me sick just thinking about all this. Maybe I need a cigarette and a drink to calm down...

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