Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rejoice, the good times will soon be here again!

As irritating and self serving the "news" of corporate owned media are, they are also often unintentionally funny. Take for example the "news" item that France, Germany and today Japan are Officially "out of recession" because you see, their economies shows a growth. Oh we are NOT talking about much growth, only 0.3% but hey since it's growth, then statistally they have put the recession behind them!
Gave me a good reason to laugh out loud early in the morning. I KNOW ordinary people hardly pay ANY serious attention to numbers such as these; they don't mean much if anything to them at all. Thse numbers are first of all for government consumption, so they can put them down in the history books. I can imagine the book keeping tricks they did JUST to show the supposed 0.3% growth. They probably just took the falling prices of some seasonal food items and the price of some obsolete TV sets from 6 months ago, wrote those into their statistical tables and presto! France and Germany are on their ways to good times again! We can ALL rejoice now, weee!! I bet USA will show some "growth" in a few months too for the Christmas season and they

will use those numbers too to show growth in USA also!
I do NOT believe pretty much Anything ANY government tells me these days, and that certainly includes economic statistics of ANY kind. USA gov for example hid throuhg ALL of 2008 the news that USA had gone into recession in December 2007 because of their uncoming elections; they had to wait until jan 2009 to care to inform us of that little item.

I bet the ONLY reason they are trying to make it look better because of the news that the economies of the so called BRIC countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China and a few supposedly backward "who cares for them countries" are booming while the ALL of EU and USA and Japan are seriously stagnating. How can all those tyrannical communist countries Russia and China even Brazil be doing good while we, the democratic and free markets economics are doing bad? Impossible! So they have to cook the books.

Another place where USA gov lies throuhg their teeth and inflation. They are always going throiugh hoops to try to show the lowest possible inflation. Inflation is bad, because it measn they wil have to raise social security checks for retirees. It's a common knowledge the inflation numbers never reflect the real "cost of living". I am NOT going to get into the specifics here, but there is plenty of articles and studies proving governments always severely under show inflation.

The stock market is another are where news about it means very little, contrary to what the corporate "news" sites say. Stock market goes up and they are ecstatic, or it goes down; in reality it doesn't really mean much. The stock market is heavily manipulated and controlled the myth that is represents "free market" "supply and demand" economy is one of the most prevalent and persistent but that is all it is: a complete lie. Reagan created the stock market task force which controls it. Various stocks are added and removed at whim without any explanation to the sheeple. It is a well known fact they remove companies that are not doing well and add companies they want/need. Therefore the ups and down of the stock market are just another fantasy story tale told to the sheeple.

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