Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Iranain Elections Part infinite

So, let's summarize:
1. the famous "tweets" that supposedly were giving the real information in Iran accounts were created the day before the elections, ALL used English. were using the same profile photo, and were written about in an Israeli newspaper days before the elections started. Sorry, guess the revolution WILL NOT be tweeted, Tweedy bird.
2. BBC was caught outright lying about the elections, manufacturing false news, doctoring photos, etc.
3. Nada, the girl who became a symbol of the violence turned out to have been killed by a small gun, NOT at all a gun the security or polic would use. So much for that angle.
4. Reports about CIA getting involved in Iran have surfaced and Santorim proudly admitted they have been meddling in Iran.
5. Most of the "news" on Faux News turned out to be unconfirmed video clips from YouTube and unconfirmed Tweedy reports by unconfirmed eye witnesses. That didn't stop them tho. It NEVER does.
6. Turns out the challenger was just as anti West as the president. Why were the Western media SO in favor of him then? Or were they truing to just show the violence and gloat?

I can continue but what's the point? Turns out most of what corporate owned media presented about Iranian elections was total and complete bullshit. As usual.

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