Monday, April 13, 2009

Watching the falling of an Empire in real time

So WHY am I obsessed with United Stupids of America? Because the USA is in very unique position right now: it is failing and that is both very educational to watch and study. USA became an empire at the end of WWII; it did pretty much whatever it wanted for 60 years, bulling some countries, outright meddling into the affairs of others(Chile) or simply attacking some(Vietnam, Korea, Panama, etc etc etc, the list is rather long).
But now the end of the road is near; even the average American moron can feel it and that's making them extremly nervous. But as I said, the main reason USA is fascinating to watch is because they are about to collapse and as the saying goes a mortally wounded animal is at most dangerous. What steps will USA do to try to maintain its sweet position as a top dog in the world? How long will its fall take? What will happen to it?
all Might it find ways to prolong the inevitable for a little bit at least? Will it succeed to the inevitable? Those are fascinating questions that require answers and NO self-respecting student of human history will want to miss the show. It's educational to say the least and damn amusing at the same time.And that a show it has been! First we got the predictable "we-are oh so innocent but we get attacked for having freedom and democracy" bit on 9-11. Totally fake attack, designed to get a rouse of the sheep. Isn't it strange how USA gets attacked EVEYR single time it needs a war? Need I list the other attacks?
Perl harbor that helped drag the reluctant USA population into WWII. Gulf of Tonkin attack that helped start the Vietnam war. and so on, see a pattern there? Hopefully you do if NOT I feel sorry for ya.

So now the Iraq war will soon cost MORE than the Vietnam war. Must be nice to be directly involved and have some nice contract with the US army, eh? Seems best way to make money is to work with the government. That's called Communism by the way.
Now we get the predicable by clockwork recession. if the American sheelpe have been paying attention, they would have noticed those "recessions" have started hitting every 5 years and NOT every 7-9 the way they used to do 30 years ago. Strange that.
We got the totally predicable boogie man: the Muslim terrorist. USA ALWAYS MUST have an enemy to hate and fear. In the 1940 was the Nazis, 1950-1980 it was the Commies, now it's the Muslim terrorists. Funny how the more things change the more they stay the same. Are the American sheeple paying attention? Probably NOT, but that will just make me laugh even more when they might wake up one and and realize it's all over for them.
Of course the question is what will they do? Will they accept it lulled by decades of bad TV and fluoride in the water supply or will they blame China and demand action from their government in form of war or will they figure the truth and maybe march to Washington DC and get the bankers and all their buddies responsible and hang them? I doubt it; for the falling of an empire is a natural process as inevitable as the changing of the seasons. All empires fall soon or later; show me an empire that has lasted.
So anyway, that's the answer as to WHy I keep on talking about and observing UA. It IS the place to watch to learn history. But to see the future, try China.

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