Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Sun is quiet, too quiet, therefore global warming has stopped!

The big "news" these week is how the Sun is too quiet and that's worrying a lot of people including scientists. Those people are quick top point out the last Solar minimum correspondents to the "mini ice age" the Earth experienced during the 18th century. They use this to disprove global worming.
Let me give them all a clue: The Sun happens to be right in the middle of the Sun minimum cicle. and it is completely normal for it to NOT have any sun spots right now. Let me repeat that: we ARE in the middle of Solar minimum cicle. True to find a cycle with fewer sports we have to go back to 1913, NOT 18 century but that's statistically not out of the ordinary. Its so happens. We haven't' been observing the Sun for that long to be able to accurately predict its cycles yet, all we got is a few statistical mathematical models. Our meteorologist can't even predict the weather eight for more than a week, so predicting the Sun is rather silly affair.
Looking at a chart of past Sun cycles at that I found at we can clearly see the Solar Maximum cycle for the 1970s was way bellow the previous AND the one after it.
So in conclusions: to all the people(especially Rivero from Whatisreally happening spreading his propaganda about too quiet Sun) equating the Solar Minimum with disproving global warming: please find some real problem to talk about instead of using some imaginary statistics to try to disprove that global warming is happening. Thank you.

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