Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The citizens of United Stupids of America

Yesterday I discussed the country known as United Stupids of America. Today, I'm gonna talk about the citizens of United Stupids of America better known as Americans. I lived among them for 22 years, so I can say that know them pretty well.
I have never met a bigger pile of self satisfied, narrow minded know nothings. A lot of them are convinced USA is absolutely the best country on Earth. After all, why would so many people wanna emigrate there they reason? I got news for them: Canada, Australia, New Zeland and many other countries in South America, Africa and Asia are preferred destination of many people looking to emigrate. As a matter of fact, while in the refuge camp in Austria in 1983 upon learning I was going to "America" a young Polish couple shook their heads, sadly smiled and told me I w3as better off going to Canada and I only chose USA because I didn't really know how it was "over there". They tried to tell me USA is a myth, a fabricated fairy tale people believe in. I didn't listen obviously; but I can say now they were right 100%. USA is a fantasy land, as made up as a 1950s Western where the Injuns are the bad guys" attacking and scalping the white settlers who are only trying to live a peaceful life in their new farm. Problem is a lot of people believe that fairy tale; I have met Japanese and Hindus who worship America without knowing anything about it. The silly backward Bulgarians I live among now have the same problem; they worship USA blindly, and can't fathom I would leave it.

Living among the Americans for 22 years I got to know them pretty well as people. I found them arrogant, self-righteous, extremely self-centered assholes. If we would get into arguments about other vountiers they would immediately began making fun of my birth country, saying things like: bah, you shit outside in a hole in the ground." or similar other ridiculous put down. They would make fun of my somewhat heavy accent; for example, i would say "tree" instead of "three"and they would laugh.
Low educated, they care only about simple things Of course, it's is a LOT easier to live this way; not to not have to strain your brain and think complicated thoughts but to only care if your favorite football team won. The government and entertainment-industrial complxex of USA understand human psychology very well; they serve the gullible US morons an endless stream of non news and scandals keeping the sheeple occupied while they are fleecing them. It's a wonderful system...for the rich that is.

and won't discuses anything complex. To them everything is a matter of "opinion" and as you well know opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. Therefore, ALL opinions are equal. They make no distinction between educated people and dumbos; they refuse to acknowledge that some people have knowledge instead of mere "opinions" therefore what they say carry more weight. But trying to reason with Americans is a dangerous task. I have goten into actual physical fights with several when I tried to discuss evens such as the September 11 attacks and of Iraq's Saddam Hussein might be involved in them. That was back in 2002-2003 before USA invaded Iraq.

There is two ways a government would control its people: either through pleasure and material goods or through fear. As the Roman said 2 thousand years ago: bread and circuses! For 60 years the US government used the first method, then when they couldn't give the US citizens "good life" they quickly switched to the second: fear. Leary taught fear by passes are rational 3th circuit of the human bran: the reasoning center and goes immediately to the 1st and c2nd circuit the reptilian brain. so controlling with fear is rather easy. All you need to do is invent a phantom enemy and convince people that enemy is about to get them.

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