Thursday, April 30, 2009

so the when-pigs-fly flu turns out to be a bust. Wonder what other nice suprise is being preraired for us and will ver 2 be the real thing?

the real news is that in fact when-pigs-fly flu turns out to be rather mild and anemic according to scientists who are studying it. Surprise surprise!,0,5923718.story
So why all the hoopla and the FUD? Wondering wondering...

Ah so now the deaths from when pigs fly fie re ONLY 7 and NOT 152 as was reported earlier.
Makes me wonder what OTHER real truths will be revealed in the next few days.
Let's take a loot at numbers: CNN said just in the 4 moths of 2009 36.000 have died form ordinary flu but we don't see thew corporate owned media screaming about it every single minute, do we?
Let's look at more numbers. 3000 children die EACH DAY worldwide from Malaria. 36,000 die from the ordinary flu. Why is there no screaming about how dangerous of a pandemic malaria is but the corporate owned media cannot stop talking about the when-pigs-fly flu?

Now let's look at the presented facts:
the when pgs fly flu began in the remote farming village of La Gloria, where 5-year-old Edgar Hernandez contracted the disease nearly one month ago, authorities say. So why didn't the village people get all sick but somehow, the when pigs fly flu shows in the the biggest city of the planet, Mexico city? Oh, I'm sure they wil tell us in a few days or weeks. Thankfully I been reading blogs and thankfully I I have noticed a positive trend: ordinary people are NOT buying the official story.This is good. It shows people CAN think, even if it is in minority. In opposition, the idiots who post Remarque on ABC appear to be total morons. They keep on talking about "illegal emigrants" and the like. Shows that their level of intelligence is.

Now they are trying to lie to us that the when-pigs-fly flue may have come from some farm in Mexico town in Veracruz state near a large pig farm . Wouldn't it make sense for the workers in that farm to have been sick instead of people in Mexico city that had NO contacts with pigs? I mean really, who are they trying to kid?
even routers itself noted that "Oaxaca is one of Mexico's poorest states, but victims of the flu have been found in wealthier areas including the capital."

The presence of Eurasian swine flu genes in the H1N1 virus makes it unlikely that the disease originated in that Mexican pig farm.

in OTHER news, according to Wall Street Journal, Chrysler is about to announce bankruptcy. And they just did. Wow, American "capitalist" economy is sure string, isn't it?
of course Mr Change has to go on TV and regurgitate the same rubbish we been hearing for decades: USA is still the riches and strongest country in the world, blah, blah blah...
You know, the problem with this crap is that most corporate owned media around the world will show this (as they did in Bulgaria) and the sheeple know nothing will really DO believe USA is the strongest and most powerful in the world self propagating memes are so easily transmitted, unlike the when-pigs-fly flu that turned out to be an almost total dud.
he scariest thing obviously that this when-pigs-fly flu it was most likely a test and the real thing will still be coming sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the bulls**t about the H1N1 virus. The media is not making a big deal out of the 36k who have died of the flu. It is just a media craze and the old people get suckered into believing that they might catch the virus. One lady calls in to one of the big news channels and wants to know what she should do because she is nauseous and doesn't otherwise feel well. Obviously, it is the swine flu. Are we all that stupid? Bill Maher predicted on his last show that there would be alot of hype about nothing and I agree. 36k people dead that seems like something on the other hand that we should maybe be concerned about. I just had to vent. Googled my question and this sight came up. Thanks