Monday, April 27, 2009

Do we look like a bunch of dummies to them? I guess we do.

These people must really think we are idiots and will accept any bullshit they tell us. Listen to the guy from New Zeland: yes he is pretty sure its the Swine flu. Pretty sure? Either it is or it isn't. There is NO in between. These guys are so far gone down the road to they think nothing to lie. I bet you the same in Canada. I bet you those "possible" cases in Canada, Spain, France is NOT the Swine flu". If independent testing is done I bet you it will turn out NOT to be.
This is NOT a pandemic. This is NOT a problem. All they wanna do is scare us into submission. even 100+ dead is not a a problem. 1000 infected is not a pandemic. 100,000 might be a problem. 1,000.000 is a problem. The corporate owned media is having a field day trying to scare the shit out of us. As usual.

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