Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Humanity ❤ fairy tales

After all, fairy tales were used to explain the world ~9000 years ago when humans wearing bear skins were sitting around camp fires eating mammoth meat and the only tools they had were a few sharp rocks and pieces of sharpened wood. Today we split the atom, the International Space Station is spinning around the Earth and surgeons perform complex life saving operations(if you can afford the medical coverage that is), in other words we got Science with a major S.
But other things haven't changed much if at all. The modern priesthood and government figures still insist on feeding us fairly tales to explain a lot of things going on. Simplify complex things and dumb them down to the common idiot level and if somebody who actually understand a subject complains, call them word such as ivory tower intellectuals, elitists, snob and egghead. Who needs/wants real knowledge when a fairy tale will suffice?
There is many fairy tales around us today. What's worse they keep on adding and becoming more and more as time passes by. Complex life , people not having any real time to live and critically think about anything they are being told.
In a several future articles, I want to examine a few of the most common and persistent modern fairy tales. One of them is the myth about how and the real reason why communism collapsed. Another is why and how United Stupids of America appears to be so rich and powerful.

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