Sunday, April 5, 2009

tid bits for 04-05-2009

Ah so it turns out Nader and me do think alike. Check out his quote i just found:
"Capitalism will never fail because socialism will always be there to bail it out." No wonder people call me Nader lite and tell me i should read his books; but why would I wanna do that when it's more than obvious i will agree with everything he will say and it all will be totally exactly as to what I would say, i.e. his books will carry zero new information for me as per Shannon's theory of information exchange. I'd rather read Coultier's nasty insolent writings to make sure I can defeat his, er, sorry her arguments.

I never write anything about the G20 meeting in London cuz to me that was just another completely phony staged media event for mass consumption; nothing of any real consequence would come out of it even of the leaders of the "free market/free world" pledge to pour billion or is it trillions into the world economy and to help the "emerging economies" of the 3rd world. Now this makes me laugh, their economies are about to fail proving yet once again the economic models they practice is not working yet the are worried about "emerging economies"? What gal those assholes' got!

yet another mass shooting in USA this morning when i woke up, the 6th one. This time a father killed his kids, all 5 of them ranging from ages 7 to 15 while they spelt in their beds. This is kinda getting boring, isn't it?

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