Thursday, April 16, 2009

United may be not so united soon?

Several months ago i read an article about some Russian economics whose name escapes me at the moment who pr3edicted USA might brake into several parts within a few years. At that time I didn't agree with him at all, sure, he was right about other things but breaking up USA would be rather hard knowing how much power the Federal government exercises over other states of the union. Yesterday the Governor of Texas declared the sovereignty of Texas and today he declared Texas CAN leave the Union if they want to ANY time. . Te link is via Drudge. Of course neither CNN or Yahoo or any of the other so called "news" sites carry the article. Of course.
Th idea of USA getting ripped into several smaller parts is nothing new; sci fi books have been predicting this for decades. Timothy Truman, a comic book author and an artists had the same idea about Texas way back in 1986 in his futuristic book Scout. Bu for a real scientist to claim it and to see the happen right in front of your eyes is fascinating to say the least. The future will be very interesting indeed!

So Nuclear UN inspectors were denied access to North Korea's nuclear facilities and they are living. SO why isn't USA demanding to pass a resolution in the UN and preparing to attack Korea the same way they had a hard on for Iraq? Ah wait, since North Korea is just som very poor and extremely isolated country with No natural resources of oil USA is NOT going to do anything of the sort they are on in the Middle East.


Anon of Florida said...

Don't forget the other guy, Dmitry Orlov. He's been yammering about this since oh say '05, after figuring out a decade earlier.

petkov said...

That's exactly who i meant, Orlov yeah. He has been right on so many things, I expect him to be right about this one too. But maybe a little bit down the road, say 20 years or so when the average American moron finally wakes up when he is pushed to a 3rd worl level and realizes he might have to do something.