Saturday, April 18, 2009

Right, left, middle.

Politics is a circle. Say you are a leftie. If you become more leftie you move even more to the left. Simple and obvious, right? And if you keep on moving left you eventually come out on the far right. Same as me. I am a far left hippy who has moved so far to the left, i have found myself agreeing with Leo Strauss on pretty much everything he said. Yes, people are dumb idiots who need a strong hand to rule them. Most don't know how to thnk period, therefore they have to be told what to think. Religion is good and useful. It gvies the idiots something to "believe" in. Different people have to be told diferent things. I agree with the man totally. He KNEW humanity. What's funny tho is how a lot of the news web sites I scout daily are run by self admited righties. Sites such as Whatis really happening , prisonplanet, Yet its very telling how qickly Rivero can turn and show his true colors. He is listing a site after site dealing with those staged "tea parties". hey Rivero, pal, havent you heard them evens are staged? Guess you don't check As silly and juvenile eXlied is, they got it right between the eyes with that expose at But we get our info any place we can and in today's world lying to us art every step we cannot be too choosy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm literally a pinko commie fag and agree more and more with some of what the far right bitches about.

I had about as much use for what the government did at the Branch Davidian compound as Timothy McVeigh. I totally agree with what he said, but totally disagree with how he said it.