Saturday, April 25, 2009

Damn, one thing that I really hate is earthquakes

We just had a medium sized one (5.3) here a few hours ago and I can't sleep. I swear, one thing I really can't stand is earthquakes. I've been through 2 serious ones in my life and many small shocks; as it happens this one we just had came from the same exact fault in south Romania where in 1977 came a pretty good one at 7.2. I was 11 at the time; we were living in this house at the time. The house is at least 60 or 70 years old; it held pretty good for an old barn. I happened to be sick at the time with high fever so I don't remember much except standing after wards in the cold street with lots of people.
The second big one I experienced was in California in 1994; it was early in the morning and I was living downtown LA in an old 4 story place; my bed shook pretty good, so I got up, put on my clothes and walked down using the stairs and a candle I had with me just in case. I figured since I was up, I should go to work anyway. LA was pitch black at 4:30 in the morning; I walked the Figueroa tunnel carrying the candle. I was working for ARCO's computer center at the time; everyone was outside. We stood around and talked then we went upstairs and had the place cleaned up. Nothing to it. CILiving in Calli you get used to the earthquakes; I am still waiting for the BIG one to hit there; yet I go back to Bulgaria, and the same damn fault that mesed us up in 1977 is giving us a scare again.
Damn, I hope this was it and we re not gonna get anything more serious cuz as I said, one thing I REALLY hate is earthquakes or as my mother calls them, earthquicks.

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