Saturday, April 25, 2009

The world is resembiling a low budget science fiction horror movie rmovie more and more every day

Hm, strange how this swine flu which has killed 68 people in Mexico and sicken at least a 1000 is a weird never before seen in nature combo of swine flu, avian flue and human flu. Even stranger is the human flu happens by some sheer coincidence of course to be the same strain of the Spanish flu from 1913 which killed a few million people. Stranger still, the sicked people did NOT have any contact with pigs; they weren't farm workers.
So where the heck this never-before-seen-in-nature virus came from and how did it happen to start infecting people who didn't have any direct contact with pigs?? But the real corcer is the wuickly buried news item about the missing samples from Fort

I don't wanna sound too cynical but I bet some people a observing the news VERY carefully right now, and writing reports and using statistical mathematics to figure exactly how virulent this virus is. I also bet these are the same people who were on vacation in mexico last week and were spreading some vials then quickly leaving. I don't have any evidence to support this except for the sheer amount of weirdness that i mentioned above. Using common sense, this virus is pretty weak, out of 20 million city ONLY a thousand people get infected and only 68 people die. I guess their tests can be considered successful and I bet they have gathered good Intel out f this. Yah I know, morbid and cynical.
Prediction: the epidemic will be short lived and will die quickly but this is only phase one of the experiment; watch for the swine flu to suddenly return again and again, kill a few people and disappear just as quickly as it begins

but the panics that comes out of it will be useful; the media will have a field day using it to scare people shitless even more than they already are.

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