Monday, April 13, 2009

the real face of "Mr Change"

Sounding exactly like his predecessor(the intelligent and widely loved Shrub Jr) "Mr Change" has demanded the US Congress OK his $83.4 billion request to be used for "U.S. military and diplomatic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan". His new request would push the war and diplomatic money approved for 2009 to about $150 billion. That's nice. The numbers are so numerous and confusing, it would take me several readings and re-readings to figure exactly what sums we are talking about here. But I guess that's what they want; to confuse us instead of inform us. Nothing new. I would like to know how many of the sheeple supporting him several months ago still think he is the new messiah or at least different than Shrub jr.
A friend of mine(hi Jonathan "wapanese"!) who is a rabid "Mr Change" supporter told me recently "Well at least he is better than McSame." just so he can get out of the argument we were having where I pointed to him what a total failure "Mr Change" has been on everything so far. That's nice. We couldn't know what McSame's action would have been; but we can see "Mr Change"'s actions quite clearly and as I said at the very beginning, they are beginning to look exactly like the actions of his predecessor "The Decider". If you ask me, I am NOT surprised; but hopefully the "Mr Change" supporters might be at least shocked out of their hypnotic trance and maybe, just maybe begin to once and for all understand there is no difference between the Republican and Democratic party in United Stupids of America. AT least the Publicans bless their hypocritical and phony hearts are honest about being assholes while the Democrats will lie to the sheeple to hopefully win their votes. Then again the ONLY real reason "Mr Change" won (by a rather slim margin) is because the bad news hit right in the middle of September 2008 and changed the minds of the voters who got scared seeing their 401 K lose 90% of their values.
Of course, some people might wonder why the heck do I spend so much time commenting about a country that I left in 2005. Why am I SO obsessed about it? Didn't I decide to leave it behind? True, but I am simply commenting on the news. I guess I better start reading some news about France and Sarcozy and Russia and maybe start commenting on them instead on dueling on a country which by my own definition is the country of United Stupids.

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