Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playing nice

Watch Rush "pills" Limbaugh start foaming at the mouth Monday morning discussing the meeting between Mr Change and Chavez. I can hear him now spewing words like "communist", "socialist" and other garbage. This said, Mr Change is just being himself: a very slick politician doing slick moves. he knows where the oil is coming from, and it ain't Saudi Arabia(since theirs is almost out). For clarification, the top 3 countries USA is buying oil from ate Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. And since Chavez had a nice meeting last week with the Chinese leaders, Mr Change is quickly making sure the oil will continue to flow toward USA. Simple business deal there, nothing more. Great for Venezuela's poor people, and good for USA. Sure, they shake hands but the CIA is still most likely in the background doing who knows what in Venezuela, I'm sure. I don't trust Mr Change anymore than I trust Shrub Jr.
Mr Change maybe playing nice but he is still carrying a big stick. Meanwhile more US attacks in Pakistan kill more civilians. Same as it ever was.

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