Friday, June 19, 2009

The Iranian Elections, Part III

It's official, the Western media has been caught yet again manufacturing news about Iran; the same way they would manufacture news about Iraq. BBC was Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda. They took a photograph, edit it by cropping it and added a totally misleading headline.

Of course, anyone taking what ANY of them say as truth is a complete moron;
It doesn't matter if it's BBC or CNN or FoX or CBS or any other alphabet soup "news" media outlets; they are all owned by a few corporations and they ALL read from the same pre-written script. Even here in Bulgaria I witness a total manipulation
of the news when a so called "expert" showed on on the Bulgarian channel BTV and
pretended to give a non bias explanation of what is going on in Iran but he was such a bad actor, while pretending to hold a conversation with the anchors he kept his face toward the teleprompter clearly reading the pre-written script off of there.
BTV is owned by Murdock, so I am not surprised at all. The propaganda is world wide.

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