Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I been getting a lot of ridiculous emails ever since I stared this blog. Some are moronic, they are he morons are commenting on my writing, and asking Why"? I am doing this and why I am wing in such a style and what I want to accomplish with this. Let me explain something:
1. I do NO want to accomplish anything, nor
1. do I want to teach anybody anything. I am pass that stage when thinking that sharing my knowledge will be good.

The sheelple do NOT care; they will learn ONLY when push comes to shove; otherwise they go happily bleating and staring into the radioactive screens of their TVs hypnotized by the latest Music Idolor typing away in chatrooms. Trent Reznor taught me a very important lesson years ago in Broken: the Slave doesn't want the system abolished because he is afraid ofd the unknown,.Sure he knows the system is fucked, and it is using and abusing him but he reasons, what;'s the alternative? S the slave happily goes along with the slavery as long things are OK and he got enough to eat and some "entertainment" tro dull the senses with.
3 What I want is to clarify it all for myself and to figure out what's rweally going on, to cut therough ALL the bullshit that we have been given ever sicne the day we were born. Nothing more. I could care less if I can teach somebody anything or show the true path; everything is actually pretty darn easy to figure out: economics, politics whatever sects you can take; dont have to listen to the so called "experts" most of the time they are paid shills working for the modern government-corporate state.

The smart ones have figured it out long ago and they have either jointed the winning team or they have either gone mad or went to live in a Monastery.
Take politics for example; all one has to do is read Timothy Leary and study some of the psychology writings of his and one wll see why people behave the way they do and why they do the things they do and why Kim Jon II and Ahimejad (or however one spells his name) appear 'crazy" to us. Simplicity fukken itself; Leary laid out all out; but the paid shills never explain things in simple terms, they have to lie and talk about "freedom and democracy" or "nuclear threat" to fuck with your minds.

Same with so called "terrorist" and wars for safety; all one has to do is study history and what primate mammals do and it all becomes clear as a day in May. It's all a trivial battle for survival of human tribes; the same exact shit has been going on as long as we have kept written history. Alexander the Great did exactly the same shit 3000 years ago conquering everything from where does Macedonia is way to where Afghanistan is today. Hm isn't it weird how that land where Afghanistan is located seems to be desired by everyone? Wonder whats there that makes it appealing SO much? Wonder, wonder...
Anyway, those are the reasons I am writing this. Who cares if the sheeple gets it or not as long as I do.

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