Saturday, June 27, 2009

Danger, danger, is there any intelligence left?

Seems people's intelligence is getting at dangerous all time
low levels. But then again, why should I even be surprised at
this? Looking at how much bullshit the sheeple are willing to
swallow just so they get some security it's No wonder ain't
no intelligence left. I been getting some emails, asking me
WHY and how can I be supporting the bloodthirsty Iranian
government that's butchering its own people. Huh?
Hellooooooooooooo? Can you show me WHERE do I say I support
Iranian's government? The real Iranian government is that
Khomeini guy sitting behind all the elected presidents and
giving orders. Those religious hijacked the real revolution
from the students back in 1979 and they been using religion
to suppress Iranian people ever since. ALL governments are
the same, period. There is a little difference there is
between the rulers of Iran and USA's government for example.
Yet the US has the gal to point out the killed protesters
when they just killed 60 more people in Pakistan. Burt then
Americans are the most insolent people on the planet,
thinking they own the whole Earth an thinking they can do as
they please any time anyplace they like it at.

All the governments around the world share the same
priorities: to stay in power as long as possible and to have
control over as much as possible. The will of the people
comes second if ever. That's why all that talk about
"democracy" is just that, talk.

Maybe in a thousand years we'll look back at the early 21st
century and shake our heads at how those ancient, primitive
people could still have believed in government, states and
the whole power structures. At least I hope that future
generations will find better ways to govern themselves.

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