Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fairy Tales debunked part 1 What Communism really is and what communism isn't.

The official story goes like this Communism utterly failed as both economic and political system back in the late 1980s proving once and for all it didn't and could work. Now Communist in popular media is pared with fascism and Nazism and presented as a totalitarian regime enslaving its people and robing its markers. .
THis is rewriting of history is done because its useful to the powers in charge and their cheerleaders: the corporate owned media. The truth is very different.

Let's first look at the very word and what its means in simple semantic terms. "communism" obviously comes form the word "commune" or or people working and living together in a n organized fashion. Communes come in all ofrms of shapes and sizs and under different names. Commune means organized. You see communes every where in nature and especially in higher form mammals and primate mamals. Exept in malams these are called herds and tribes. Most mammals lives in some form of hierarhiam tribe organized to provide higher survival for the animals. Very rarely mamals live solidary. The herd and Ttrie give better change of survivals. therefore tribe, herd, commume is a good thing and NOT a bad thing as presented.
Humans also live in tribes. They distinguish themselves according to racem religion, nationality and so on. Each one of these is a commune. Humans MUST live in cummunes same as animals do because the community also gives them higher change of survival.
Far from being a totalitarian regime communism as a political form is therefore good.
Even the people denouncing communism live in units such as marriage couples and tribes of all kinds. Most humans will NOT be able to survive without a commune of some sort. The commune looks and protects each of its members. Communism tried to do that. Yes communism didn't succeed and some aspects but not because it was "wrong" or totalitarian. It didn't succeed because it was NOT allowed to succeed.

The mainstream story about communism goes like this: communism as a social and economic order was flawed from the very start and doomed to failure. Eventually it did fail spectacularly in the late 1980s/early 1990s taking down the Soviet empire and all its other satellite states in Europe leaving capitalism and free markets as the only economic system to continue. As usual, this is yet another revision of real history and the real events.
First of all, communism never dissapeared as much as its haters like to pretend it did. Need I mention the names of countries that are still communist to this day: China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba? Some countries have even become communist: Venezuela and Bolivia. Some might quickly point out that oh, no, China is NOT communist anymore you see, but has embraced free market economy. yet it's government is STILL communist, therefore they are communist. Communism as it was practiced in Europe wasn't working economically, so the Chinese were smart to modify it. Didn't Barak Obama himself just nationalized the US banks with the blessing of leiser faire capitalist himself Mr Greenspan himself. This move would surely be called a Communist and Barak is often called communist and socialist by a lot of people. So if USA can adopt communist practices such as nationalization, why can't China adopt free market policies? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander right?

Second, USA did lot of dirty tricks against Communist countries including severe economic blockades (Cuba) or outright started meddling in and removing communist presidents. Chile is a prime example of CIA meddling into the business of a democratically elected communist president and doing everything to make sure he fails.

USA refused to share technology, for decade it was illegal to export computer technology to communist countries. The European countries were actively invited in strangling the Soviet Union any economic way they can think of. Communism could have continued but they simply couldn't compete at the same level with capitalists and their economics slowly suffocated.

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