Friday, June 26, 2009

So Michael Jackson is dead. So what? Good riddance to no talent corporate media creation.

When I arrived in January 1983 in Austria after living behind the iron wall all my life I encountered what I call the "dancing puppet of Michael Jackson". He was everywhere; there was simply NO escaping him. I watched the Billy Jean vid, didn't think much, but he kept on pushing himself into my face whether I liked him or not. I was ambivalent; I tried to like him but I was only pushing myself, Something was bothering me about this whole business I was too young and naive to be able to properly formulate it for me.
Michale Jackson wasn't my very first clash with the obnoxious Western pop "culture"; I had lived through ABBA and Boney M. But this was my first front line assault by the American media conglomerate; I had absolutely zero defenses against
it; it's exactly the same as in a brand new virus; either it kills you or straighten your immune system; you just have to live trough it.

I moved to USA in June 1983; the Jackson onslaught was in fill effect; I was slowly wising up what it all meant. I never bought his records or singles; one woman gave me his record as a present I threw it away. Now he is dead.
At least he will help taking the propaganda news USA media is engaging against Iran off the first page, so his death is not a total waste. What nice timing, asshole. You and "phony smile" Fawsett will keep the corporate media occupied for at east a few days.
Years ago i did figure what Michale Jackson was; he was a total media creation; a guy who could kinda sing with high falsetto voice; nothing about him was real or spontaneous; everything was measured and calculated and artificial to the point of absurdity. Music? What music? He never wrote any of his songs; they were written for him by high paid contracted sell outs; all he did is dance and sang while a full staff around him took care to create an image, a totally false persona to sell the the gullible public and the public did buy it. For a while at least. His records sales were always on the down path after Thriller, each record selling worse that the presvious one.
I m not gonna discuss his behavior or antics or whatever; he was just a nigger who got too rich and that screwed up his head. He desperately wanted to be a white man. Nothing of what he did meant anything to me; I watched them with amusement and saw how the same media that created him turned against him and used him to make even more money. They use you coming and going.
Therefore I say that yes obviously IS an Western imperial culture war, against other countries and cultures, because the people there got no immunities, they cannot even distinction between whats good and bad; whats real of fake. So Paul Pope, you were dead wrong, The Chinese government and the communists governments were right when they limited our exposure to Western pop media. 99% of pop culture is complete bullshit; it's designed to be flash in the pan attention grabbing garbage that's has NO real cultural or historical significance whatsoever. hey are all the same: Michale Jackson, Prince or Madonna or whoever. just the faces are the shticks they use are different.
In final analysis, Jackson was nothing more than yet another terrifying symbol of the power of USA corporate owned media who will make you and brake you just so they can sell/make some news. Well, they broke him. That is the lesson.


Anonymous said...

So, what kind of music do you listen to?

petkov said...

Well, Anonymous, I listen to stuff you probably never even heard of. Stuff done by the artists themselves, NOT by some hired hand.
Merzbow, Jean Michael Jarre, Vangelis, イオシス's "魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいきました, MINISTRY, Khachaturian, Mozart, Wendy Carlos, UNDER17, NAMANAX, Kraftwerk, Paul Oakenfold, Teenage Bad Girl, Baba Zula, Ennio Morricone, The Rednex, Elmer Bernstein and so on. Heard of ANY of them? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, first-off, mine wasn't a trick but a genuine question.

Pretty impressive list of musicians but seriously Paul Oakenfold? He's not a musician but a remixer - kind of a one-man-show behind workstations & synthesizers.

Everyone else (well almost) that you listed (and much more) I dig.