Friday, June 12, 2009

The lie that is the UN

UN is always presented as an internatinal body of countries that have gathered together to fix world's problems. In the coprporate owend media, UN is presented as a serious organization which is fighting to maintain world stability and to fight against poverty oppression and rogue nations such as Iran, Iraq(not a rogue nation once USA occupied it), North Korea. The Reality as usual is very different.

UN 's headquarters are in USA and believe you me, USA has taken advantage of that fact. USA has been using UN to its own goals and aim. That;'s NOT a statement, it's a true fact. I will never forget the speech of that despicable house boy Collin Powell where he looked into the calmera and blantly and boldly lied about Iraq having weapons of mass distraction. His theatrics lead to a vote which gave the USA the green light to eventually attack Iraq and claim it had the right to do so becuaee of what UN decided.

UN is NOT a democracy body. Far from it. It has only 5 permanent members and suprsingly they are: USA UK France, Russia, China. Notice a pattern? If you don't, then you must be a moron. UK will ALWAYS vote with USA and France will most likely vote with them to, this leaving only Russia and China as the odd men out. Therefore all votes the UN members take will be skewed and certainty not "democratic". Second are we to believe that these 5 countesses can represent the WHOLE world??? Where are the countries from Africa and from South America??? The UN members circle is a joke of the highest proportions, a joke on the humanity.

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