Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iranian elections, cont'nued

CNN and all other media whores are of course filled with images of the violence and rioting in Iran. Huh. Well, I say this: If the American sheeple had the actual guts to riot and protest during both of their stolen elections in 2000 and 2004 and tried to hold unauthorized i.e. illigal assemblies what do you think would happen in USA too? The cops will meet them with milk and cookies? No, the cops will meet them with force JUST like they are doing in Iran now. Believe it or NOT, but ALL assemblies around the world, be in Tehran, New York, Paris, London, Paris et etc MUST be authorized and "allowed" to happen. Even if the country is a "democracy". Gawd, I hate, NO, I despise that word. SO many people have been lied using it, I cannot stand that word. I got allergic reactions against it. That and the overused "freedom" too. They are worse than curse words to me. hey show how clever humanity is ad how it can manipulate other sheeple just by using words. In that aspect, animals are more honest because they cannot bullshit other animals with words like we humans do.

Again ALL I can say for the Iranians: BRAVO! Ok, so you don't like the guy becaus4 your country is in bad economic shape, Whatever your reasons for rioting are you are showing your are NOT pussies, and you are NOT afraid to defy your laws to do that. Good for you people, I AM proud of you!

I admit, I dunno much about Iran, but I know a few things:

1. they happen to own a piece of land that is holding one of the biggest reserves
of oil and natural gas in the world,

2. USA, and UK and other Western government have been fucking with them for at

least 100 years. Especially US; the CIA engineered a coup in 1950s to over throw
their elected president and then placed a brutal shan on top, and when the
Iranians overthrew him,

3.USA sold arms to Iraq and pushed Saddam to attack Iran resulting in the death
of estimated 10 million Iranians

4. Today USA is actively interfering in Iran's affairs by placing crippling

economic sanctions against them.
Gee, everywhere I look I see USA's hands meddling in Iran's affairs over and over
and over. Wonder why that IS exactly? Hm lemme think does it maybe have something
to do with those resources of oil and gas? Gee, you think??
And how come every place that USA is trying to control has problems with their
elections? I recall the same thing happened in Venezuela too. Gee, what a
coincidence, huh???

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