Monday, June 15, 2009

The Iranian elections

It's interesting how much attention the corporate owned media is paying to Iran's elections. They been keeping close tabs on it, running hourly updates. Even /., the Micro$oft haters is running articles, there claiming Twitter is spreading news. Now USA is concerned the Iran's elections mush have been rigged somehow. They are also running the angle of police brutality too.
It's a scream actually. They are focusing on the Iranian people's rioting and protesting using this as an excuse to smear the re elected resident. Good fore the Iranians I say. hey are rioting and showing their will,; BRAVO! I distinctly remember how the USA sheeple rolled over and allowed their Supreme COurt to decide for them who their president will be back in 2000. No rioting, no fighting with the cops. Bitching and complaining to high heaven but nothing like the Iran's fights. Gee, Sheeple, where were YOUR protests back in 2000? You allowed the Supreme court who by the way has NO right whatsoever to do it to choose your president! Don't worry about the Iranians,. loo at your own psheeple and enjoy your Mr Change.

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