Thursday, June 4, 2009

More of the same typical phony USA behavior

Mr Change is yet again proving what a total phony USA is. Giving a speech he think the Arabs are gullible
morons who will fall for empty words. Put your money where you mouth is Mr Change. here is a few things you can do to prove you are nor just an empty suit reading a pre-written speech:
1 Immediately lift ALL economic sanctions against Iran.
2. Recall all of the armada that you got floating in the Persian gulf
3. Stop the olde divide and rule shtick: treat ALL Arab countries the same; no preferential treatment to Kuwait/ Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
4. Insist the Palestinians get their own country today and insist the UN ratify it and gives them equal rights.

Otherwise, its Just words. Empty words...


Ivan de Coward said...

Hi Petkov,

I like the no-nonsense type of mentality you exhibit on your blog.

No offence but I'm afraid "Mr Change" will pay no heed to your arguably solid advice. You might not like him, nobody with just few brain cells does, but he is not stupid.

Obama is a very good kosher salesman for very bad kosher products. That's all what he is - nothing more and nothing less. Mr Obama has as much say in what he does as TV news anchors do in what they say.

He knows what his role is and smart enough to stick with it.

Your name sounds Russian. Do you speak Russian, if you don't mind me asking?

petkov said...

Thank you. I agree, he is nothing more than a front man with an assigned role to play. I do not expect mr Change to heed my words. I am just pointing out what somebody who wants REAL change would do.
No, I am Bulgarian, not Russian. Yes, I understand Russian since it's Slavic after all.

Ivan de Coward said...

Right ... Plamen is a genuine Bulgarian name, I could have figured it out myself.

What do you think of one Stanislav Mishin? He is not an ethnic Russian is he?

Has he ever answered your challenge:

here we go again. Now even USA is "neo-Marxist". Let me ask you (again) what you mean by neo-Marxist? Define those definitions you throw around to me please. Come on, I challenge you.

petkov said...

Stanislav, he often writes about Russaia. We usually write about subjects we are interested in so i suspect he might be genuinely Russian.
No, why would he answers my challenge? His world view will be broken if he starts thinning too hard. He is most likely one of them libertarian Ayan Rand worshipers who carries a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" and studies it the way Christians study the Bible.