Sunday, June 28, 2009

Theater of the absurd ALL over the world, part I

this is how the supposed democracy I.E. "will of the people" in USA works: the congress votes on a mamute climate change bill without even having the chance to read it because it was still being written on late Thursday. This bill levies hundreds of new taxes on people and businesses and it will make everything even more expensive than it already is plus it will cause electric rates to sky rocket. Do you mean to tell me USA people are SO dumb they would vote to pay more taxes and get less? Same as in "Bruno" by Lewis Caroll where people were chanting: "More taxes, less bread!" Yet USA is always pointed out as an example of perfect, OK near perfect "democracy" in action. That's a great one, harhar now tell me another one, please!

This bill won't stop greenhouse gasses, all it will do is make the lives of ordinary people even harder and more expensive. Has anybody ever wondered how much pollution one single airplane makes just in one single flight? Yet has anybody ever proposed to limit airplanes pollution standards but the people are asked to pass rigorous smog check inspections for their cars every single year. What's much worse the cars will have to use less gasoline per mile; the ONLY way for car manufacturers to accomplish that magical feat is to make the cars NO more fuel efficient": because that's impossible, but to make the cars lighter by exchange metal parts for plastic ones thus making the car more dangerous to use. Talk about heaps of bullshit! No wonder they demand people use seat belts, to show they care!

Actually I DO have another one: Just so people won't say i ONLY bitch about USA: In Germany the government voted an Internet surveillance bill in that will make Germany as bad as in the Internet surveillance in China; the the will supposedly stop child porn; the people petitioned against it but the government ignored them and passed the bill anyway. Yeah, Germany is a great "democracy", for sure!

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