Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Web sites that I read for the LULz

Searching for real news I have found some web sites that are so ridiculous, I cannot believe they are for real or/and they really believe the stuff they write. One of them is (which features updates by some guy calling himself "Casper". In his updates Casper keeps on talking about deliveries of some packs that are being prevented by OBAMA, THE ILLUMINATI, THE WORLD COURT, BUSH, HILLARY, CLINTON, THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, THE M5, M6, M99 and even little green man from Mars. (Casper ALWAYS uses capital letters for all the politicians, to make sure we see their names I guess)
I have sent several emails trying to fond some info on those mysterious trigger packs and deliveries but hasn't bothered to answer me. Anyway, I LOVE Casper's updates I eagerly wait for them and read them with the greatest pleasure; they make me laugh so hard. I was forced to keep a diary writing down all the stuff Casper is claiming is happening "behind the scenes" because the story is getting long and convoluted and ridiculous beyond imagination and its hard to keep a track of. Here I wanna share the latest happening according to Casper:

06-16-2009 Addendum: Obama is begging for money from South America. Oh, OK...

06-16-2009 Over at Casper's hilarious bad Illuminati spy novel, Obama is once again trying to hack the "accounts". Now he has hired real hackers specialist from the Pentagon for the purpose. I guess the Microsoft hackers who tried this a few months back wertent good enough so the Pentagon hackers are better. I didn't know the pentagon employed hackers but if casper says so then it MUST be so.
The trigger packs are being hed at Fort Benning Georgia and specialists from there are also trying to break into the accounts. Two hackers are better than 1 after all...
Plus, both the US Military AND World Court agree Obama is in office illegally.

BASEL III is in effect and this means the major US banks will be shut down, padlocked by Friday. We shall see. I predict the banks will NOT be closed, but then according to Casper, he has sources which I got no access too And the saga with the trigger packs and deliveries continues and continues and continues...Yeawn...

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