Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Iranian elections Part II

I have been following the Iranian situation very closely. As usual, the corporate whores are emphasizing the riots and the crack down of protesters while the real analysys is as usual coming from the independent bloggers The bloggers are wising up to the obvious that tweet can be manipulated same as everything else. But I have yet to see ANY blogger talk about and discuss the heavy economic sanctions USA has managed to place against Iran just because Iran refuses to dance to the USA tune and sell the oil at the price US wants. Iranian economy is in bad shape and that's largely due to the above mentioned sanctions; Iranian people are not happy and they are directing their anger against the elections USA employed the same under the belt tactics all through the Cold War fighting the Soviet Union and all the other communist countries. Lets make this clear: communism was NEVER allowed to compete at equal economic terms with the world therefore it couldn't function properly it because ill and failed largely due that those sanctions. USA is now using the exact same tactics againts countries that opposite them inducing Russia, Cuba Iran, North Korea etc. Russia for example s NOT a member of the World Trade Organization because USA and other European Western countries don't want it inside; Cuba has been suffering under harsh economic sanctions ever since the 1960s. Most people cannot even imagine living under these conditions yet the Iranian have to endure this bullshit every single day

Now about those famous tweets that supposedly are spreading news about the "real" situation side Iran. How do we know which tweets are from Iran and second how do we know what the tweets say is true This is the Internet after all, where men are men, women are men and 14 yo girls are FBI agents. And men. This claim that social media is true and cannot be used by the government is the same claim "free market" believer use when they talk about "Supply and demand" principle. One time one guy kept n telling me about "supply and demand" and I stopped him and simply asked: Are you gonna insist that "supply and demand" cannot itself be manipulated and therefore controlled? Same with the so called social media; The US State Department is SO concerned and involved it went through the trouble of asking tweeter to postpone their down maintenance time so they can stay up and continue their service. This is again direct meddling.

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